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A delicious glass of wine at dinner or in between? Below you will find our selection of wines. You will also find the price per glass or per bottle on the Wine Card.

House wines – White

  • Sauvignon Blanc


    Fresh, dry and lively of taste.

    Glass 3.30
  • Chardonnay – Pays D’oc


    Well balanced with a creamy texture and fresh acidity.

    Glass 3.60
  • Moelleux


    Elegant, slightly sweet wine.

    Glass 3.30

House wines - Red

  • Merlot


    Round, smooth with dark fruit.

    Glass 3.30
  • Sweet red wine blend

    Glass 3.30

House wines - Rosé

  • De Casta Rosada


    Accessible, soft fresh taste, mildly dry finish.

  • Cote de Provence

    Glass 3.30

Non-alcoholic wines

  • White


    This refreshing white wine from the Chardonnay grape, contains half the calories! Nice and responsible

    Glass 3.25
  • Red


    The Cabernet Sauvignon grape makes a fruity and round wine.

    Glass 3.25

Sparkling wine

  • Vino Frizzante del Veneto – Cantina Maschio (Prosecco)


    Pleasant, slightly sparkling Italian wine.

    Glass 4.75


  • Castellane Brut (Chardonnay / Pinot Noir)

  • Castellane Demi-Sec (Chardonnay / Pinot Noir/Pinot Meunier)

  • Castellane Brut Rosé (Chardonnay / Pinot Noir)

  • Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial (Chardonnay / Pinot Meunier)


White Wines

  • Gran Vina Sol (chardonnay) – Miquel Torres 2012


    Legendary quality from the famous winery Miguel Torres, European winemaker of the year 2011.
    The wine has aged six months in oak casks. Lovely soft taste.

  • Angimbe (Insola) – Cusumano 2012


    A special Sicilian white wine with fresh flavor, elected white southern Italian wine of the year.

  • Sancerre Bonnes Bouches (Sauvignon Blanc) – Henri Bourgeois 2012


    This wine has a aroma of green fruits and citrus resulting in a full flavor.

    375ml 16.50
  • Pinot Blanc Tradion (Pinot Blanc) – Hügel 2010/2011


    This wine is ideal as an appetizer, but has a very fresh character. This wine goes well with almost anything.

  • Saint Veran Rives de Longsault (Chardonnay) – Collovray&Terrier 2011


    Complex aromas of citrus, acacia and minerals. It has a powerful ripe taste with a long finish.

  • 1685 Grande Cuvee – (Sauvignon Blanc) – Boschendal 2013


    Due to the short barrel aging, this wine has a fresh taste also caused by aromas of tropical fruit and lime.

  • Torrontes Finca la Colonia – Bodegas Norton 2011


    Torrontes is a typical Argentine grape that gives an aroma of roses and apricots. The taste is soft, dry and pleasant.

  • Sauvignon Blanc Premium – Saint Clair 2012


    An intensely fragrant wine with powerful aromas of blackcurrant, passion fruit, grapefruit and gooseberry.

  • Grand Selection Semillon – Casa Lapostolle 2008


    De Semillon gets a short barrel aging, has got aroma’s of sweet spices and mandarin.

  • Riesling Trocken – Robert Weil 2012


    The wine of Weil are on the top list of all German Rieslings. Beautiful aroma’s of nuts and honey, a rich full body with good fresh flavor.

Red Wines

  • Tinto Roble Tagonius (Blend 4 druiven) – Bodegas Ovilo 2011


    The name Tagonius refers to the river Tagus which is 25 miles above Madrid. The Tinto Roble is a perfect blend of Tempranillo, Metlot, Cabernet and Syrah. Beautiful aroma’s of cherry, raspberry and spice and a full taste.

  • Siglo XX (Blend 3 druiven) – Bodegas Cristo de la Vega 2013


    The Siglo XX has a sparkling light red color, aroma’s of blackberries and vanilla and is slightly spicy. The taste and finish are beautiful soft

  • Nero d’Avola – Cusumano 2012


    The Nero d’Avola is the most famous grape of Sicily. The wine has a deep red color with hints of
    violet . A slightly spicy flavor of cherries and strawberries.

  • Châteauneuf du Pape (Grenache, Syrah blend) – Jerome Quiot 2010


    This wine is made from 13 different grape’s from which Grenache, Syrah blend are the main ones.
    The wine has a crimson color with aroma’s of blackberries and leather.

    375ml 17.50
  • Château Rozier (Merlot blend) 2010


    A beautiful creamy accessible full wine.

    375ml 16.50
  • 1685 Shiraz – Boschendal 2011


    Aroma’s of black cherry, mulberry and spices. Beautiful ripe flavors and tones of vanilla

  • Artezin Zinfandel – Hess Collection 2011


    The wine is dark red and has blackberries, cherries and liquorices in the nose.

  • Layers Red (Grenache blend) – Peter Lehmann 2009


    This tasty wine is made of 6 different grapes. Beside aroma’s of ripe cherries, olives and chocolate, this wine has a full elegant taste and a long spicy finish.

  • Malbec Reserva – Bodegas Norton 2010


    This wine had a deep red color and intense aroma’s of tobacco, cassis and figs.

  • Quatro (Blend 4 druiven) – Vina Montgras 2011


    This wine, made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Metlot, Malbec and Carmenere, has a reddish color, aroma’s of red fruit, flowers and spices.